dimanche 10 mai 2015

The return of the Court/Country antithesis

In his analysis about the defeat (“Why did Labour lose so badly”, http://bit.ly/1Egpn22), George EATON explained that “Labour is losing votes in all regions and to all parties for different reasons - to Scottish nationalists, to anti-immigration Ukippers, to southern conservatives, to anti-austerity Greens. There is no obvious strategy to address them all.

Laurie PENNY, on the other hand, believes that “depression is not inappropriate at this time. But the moment when you give in to it utterly is the moment they've won. They win when people start saying things like «that's just the way the world is».

And after that : The opposite of depression is not happiness. It’s not even hope. The opposite of depression is action.” (http://bit.ly/1zNkOjg)

Well ! How can we act now ?

Labour tried to avoid the opposition between outsiders and insiders. In order to do that, Co-operators have always wanted to transform outsiders into insiders.

Alas, even if Co-operators have far more influence in Great Britain than in France, no prophet is accepted in his own country…

The strength of UKIP seems to be linked with a division of society also perceived in France (between metropolitan elite and the periphery, http://tinyurl.com/p8yg5q9 and http://bit.ly/1yk5jy2).

The old division between Country and Court has returned. In the eyes of a vast majority of squires in 1640, “The Country was virtuous, the Court wicked ; the Country was thrifty, the Court extravagant ; the Country was honest, the Court corrupt […] ; the Country was nationalist, the Court xenophile […] ; the Country was the defender of old ways and old liberties, the Court the promoter of administrative novelties and new tyrannical practices […]” (Laurence STONE, The Causes of English Revolution. 1529-1642, ARK PAPERBACKS, 185 p.)

Now, Brussels impersonates the Court and Labour may probably be seen by honest midlands’ workers as an association of courtiers.

Proving that cooperation is the best weapon to fight free-riding is certainly one of the most efficient way to emphasize were the true courtiers are, because free-riders are not only those who benefit from welfare state…

Of course, the free-rider concept is a part of Public Choice Theories, which have a weakness. They are too pessimistic. When civism is well paid, free-riding disappears.

When co-operation will be seen as the best choice, British Co-operators will win again. So, no need to be depressed !